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I am going to give everyone who reads my about page fair warning as the Founder and Facilitator of Bible Think Tank Men's Mentoring Ministry. I am a lot like Donald Trump because I am very transparent when expressing my inner most thoughts and feelings and this makes most people very uncomfortable.

The Prophet Isaiah including President Trump and myself admit we are men of unclean lips just like everyone else who does not have a "Holier than Thou" mindset. I don't hide this fact. In other words, my language may be somewhat colorful and controversial at times. I don't get bent out of shape when I hear cuss words like all the self-righteous hypocrites who run our government, the media, public education and the mainstream church do. These are the folks who would wash our mouths out with soap if they could get away with it. A radical Islamist would cut our tongue out for language they do not approve of.

Are you starting to smell the stench of SHAME which is the total opposite of God's redeeming GRACE?

We know men in the real world are use to hearing colorful speech and are not offended by it. Don't you just hate the self-righteous mindset of judgmental people? I am one of those people who you will either love or hate as a person. The same is true with President Trump who does not conform to the "political correctness" that is being "brain washed" in us by the political and religious left by means of propaganda and other mind altering and fear mongering techniques. This is what tyrants (the bullies among us) are known for.


I try my best to never be conformed to the image of this world which is the image of the beast who is the prince of the air waves. I am definitely a person who marches to the beat of a different drummer. In other words, I march to the beat of the Holy Spirit.

"I conform only to one image and that is to the image of Jesus Christ who is my supreme authority on how I should conduct my life".

I have found that the more I conform to Jesus' image, the more uncomfortable people who love people more than our Heavenly Father become with me. Jesus said even our own family members will turn against us because of our faith in Him in Matthew Chapter 10:34-36 and Luke Chapter 12:51-53. This should not surprise anyone if you know what's written in your Bible. I have always been more about pleasing God rather than people ever since I surrendered my life to Jesus as my Supreme Authority at the age of sixteen. With great sorrow, I have discovered that my devotion to serve Jesus as my only Supreme Authority has made me more enemies than friends. I understand fully what Isaiah and John the Baptist meant when they said,

"I am a voice crying in the wilderness!"

Every one I know seems to be more interested in pleasing people rather than pleasing God. Can you relate?


I have never seen such a phenomenon as the one we are witnessing in real time in the news today. What is this phenomenon? It's President Trump separating the WHEAT from the WEEDS. That is what movers and shakers are called to do. Now that's real entertainment. It is more entertaining than his Celebrity Apprentice show. We are seeing for the first time in our life who are the real enemies of the cross of Jesus.


Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. President Trump is making it very clear to us who is aligned with the anti-Christ in the world today. Don't you agree? A good book to read about this is called Unfreedom of the Press written by a modern day Jewish prophet.

I am 67 years old and recently retired from the Pest Control Industry after selling my pest control company here in Oviedo. I believe now is the time to give back to those who are younger what God has taught me through the storms of life. I believe Donald Trump decided to become President because he too has a desire to give back to our country the things he has learned to save our country from moral and financial bankruptcy.

God gave me a vision for this men's ministry after going through two traumatic divorces. I suffer from severe depression (PTSD) as a result of these haunting memories. The Apostle Paul says to forget what lies behind and press on to what lies ahead and this is what I intend to do. God has also taught me to be content in everything life throws at me and I want to share how you can too.

I know that there are many men in the Oviedo area who also have gone through heart breaking divorces and other traumatic experiences resulting in horrendous losses in all aspects life. As true brothers in Christ, we need to humble ourselves and admit that we need to bear each others burdens when we go through these emotional and financial hardships caused by divorce, broken relationships and other horrors on the battlefield of life. Being a Vietnam War Vet has helped me better understand these spiritual battlefields. Never has there been such a time as this for the need of God revering men to form close and committed relationships with each other for the sake of our commitment to follow Jesus and help bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Unlike our past broken relationships with significant others...


Let's not wallow in our sorrows and play the victim card any longer. It's time to man up and become a productive member of our community by giving back our time, talent and treasures all for the Glory of God.

There is a bright side to the purpose and benefits of this men's mentoring ministry. As mature brothers in Christ, we know that trials and tribulations are very important lessons in life where we learn certain spiritual truths that we would not learn if we did not go through them. We call this the School of Hard Knocks. I personally have a fictitious PHD in this school. Can you relate? Let's all be givers instead of takers in our endeavor to help each other recover from what eats away at the moral fabric of our soul and conduct church in the way it was intended as described in the Bible.


God has taught me many spiritual truths about what it is to have the true mindset of Jesus. I know God put me through the ringer to prepare me for such a time as this. I would have never made it this far in life if God did not bless me with a very large measure of faith. There were many times I wanted to turn out the lights if you know what I mean. God says that those that keep the faith will endure to the end. God has given me the strength to endure thus far and I have no reason to believe He won't continue to sustain me in the future. Jesus is the only Person who has never let me down despite all the times I turned my back on Him to do my own thing. I am very grateful for this. I want to show my gratitude by sharing these spiritual truths with you and anyone who may be curious to know.

I can honestly say that the greatest lessons I have learned in life are through the mistakes I have made.

What separates me from most people I know is that I am not afraid to make mistakes! Like the Apostle Paul, I consider myself the worst of all sinners instead of the best of all sinners as "self-righteous" Christians do. Therefore, who am I to think I am any better or more important than anyone else? I want the men who participate in this Men's Mentoring Ministry to be like Paul in this mindset and openly share our ideas, convictions, confessions, experiences, prayer requests, hospitality, educational knowledge, wisdom, spiritual gifts, talents, expertise, vocational skills, resources, time, effort and anything else of value with the goal of bringing God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven for the Praise of His Glory.

We will let our actions speak louder than our words so those on the outside looking in will see our love and faith at work in our lives.

I have discovered you cannot have faith without love and you cannot have love without faith. Love is the motivating factor that gives faith it's amazing power. Without love, faith is dead just as works are dead without faith. These are the active ingredients required to produce the Fruits of the Spirit. Good works are always a final product when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and we are following His leadership.


It's God's infinite Love that empowers us to step out in faith when necessary. We will study God's word and yield to the teaching of the Holy Spirit as we encourage and admonish each other with mutual respect and accountability performed with complete transparency. Let's start a conversation. Please call me on my cell phone 321-527-9372 or email me at tom@biblethinktank.com for a time and place to assemble together. I would love to get to know you and what you think about the potential of this vision God gave me. I hope to hear from you...

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