thesis point eighteen


To much scripted programs and not enough spontaneity.

Too much man made structure with scripted programs and long pontifications called sermons from the pulpit hinders the Holy Spirit from working in every believer who assembles together in a church setting. 

Every member has certain spiritual gifts, personal experiences, creative ideas, academic knowledge, personal testimonies, hospitality, vocational skills, talents, prayer requests, sins to confess and scripture knowledge to be shared in a group setting to edify and grow the Body of Christ if given the opportunity and time to do so. Being too scripted in words, structured in programs with constrained limits on time severely handicaps the Holy Spirit from working in each individual who desires to participate within the group setting. See what Jesus has to say about this in Mark 13:11.

I have learned spontaneity is the Holy Spirit's most productive forum to work in, especially when He is able to work through every believer in attendance instead of having a few blowhards who want to control the timing, the structure and the narrative of each church meeting they initiate. Isn't funny how people love our President best when he is off script? Has there been times when you have been in church and you were not able to share what's on your mind?

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