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Thesis point eleven


Hypocrisy is epidemic in the Body of Christ

The sin of hypocrisy is the sin that angered Jesus more than any other. Read Matthew Chapter 23 if you don't believe me.

Jesus cursed at the religious and political leaders of His day seven times (some say eight) in this chapter for their hypocrisy. He called them "Snakes" & "Broods of Vipers".  He used the word Woe to condemn them for this sin. I interpret this word to mean "Go to Hell" in the original Greek text if you use today's lingo. He physically threw them out of the temple with a hand made whip on two occasions as described in the gospels for their blatant hypocrisy. When I confronted this sin with the church leaders at First Baptist Church (Crosslife) in Oviedo, FL and they told me that we are all hypocrites. I replied, "No, we are not all hypocrites. We are all sinners not hypocrites. Sinners admit they are sinners. Hypocrites do not!" Do you see the difference now?

Here is my definition of a hypocrite. "A hypocrite thinks everyone else's shit stinks but their own doesn't". I am going to be very honest and up front with you right now. Are you offended by me using the word shit? If you are, I suspect you are guilty of being self-righteous. I used the word shit as a test to see if you have a self-righteous mindset. Using the noun shit in my definition of a hypocrite gives it more attention and shock value because shit is a very ugly word. To me, sin is a much uglier word than shit. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather be full of shit or full of sin? What does shit mean? Let me give you the synonyms for this word; poop, doo doo, dung, manure, feces, excrement, crap, turd as well as others. Why is it that these synonyms can be used without criticism and shit blows people away? Who gave the word shit so much offensive power?

Now are you starting to see how unproductive harsh censorship of certain words can be? This is why our Founding Fathers gave us the "First Amendment" because they knew how important freedom of speech is to the psychological (spiritual) health of our nation. What is profane about human and animal feces? Don't we shit every day? The prophet Isaiah admitted he is a man of unclean lips, so, why shouldn't we?

Did you know that Social Psychologists have proven that people who cuss are more honest than those that don't?  Please google this phrase and see all the scientific studies that substantiate this truth. I did not have to read these findings to know that this is true. I learned this truth in the Navy from my own practical experience. The most honest people I have ever known were my fellow shipmates in the Navy and all of them "cussed like a sailor". I believe this is the reason why Jesus would rather hang around Tax Collectors and sinners than His fellow Rabbi's because He knew they were much more honest in expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings. Capeesh?

Do you want to know what really is profane in God's eyes? It's taking the Lord's name in vain...that's profane! Like when certain people say "Jesus Christ!” when they are mad or offended about something or when someone says,"God damn you!".  Let's get our priorities in the right order shall we? I don't have a problem with four letter words and even the word pussy (synonym for vagina) which President Trump used in a private conversation with Billy Bush, a supposed friend, that was leaked to the fake news media in order to slander his character. It's okay for feminists to wear pink pussies on their heads while marching in protest on the streets of Washington DC, but not okay for President Trump to say the word pussy. How absurd? Of course, those who were most upset about Trump using the word pussy, were all the self-righteous hypocrites following this story, right? Ask any Rock Star about all the women who would love for them to invite them backstage after a concert. They will tell you they can touch any body part they want without objection. This was what President Trump was saying after he became famous with his "Celebrity Apprentice" TV show. What you are seeing in President Trump is "total transparency". He is the most transparent President I have witnessed in my lifetime. Do you agree?

Trump's TOTAL TRANSPARENCY is the reason why I love and trust him so much!!!

I believe Jesus wants us to be totally honest with our thoughts and feelings and if using a four letter word best describes your feelings then by all means use it. You won't offend me because I'm 'fessed up and admit I am a man of unclean lips. God knows our thoughts and our feelings. We can't hide our sins them from Him so why should we hide them from each other? 

I have learned from much practical experience, prayer, self-examination through psychotherapy and  the leadership of the Holy Spirit that it is impossible for me to be perfect while residing in this "Body of Flesh". Jesus has taught me how to "lighten up"    

and allow Him to help me carry the load of anguish I experience each day. I learned this spiritual truth through the "school of hard knocks" and  by the Knowledge of God’s Word while being subject to the leadership of the Holy Spirit what it takes to be set free from the bondage caused by our obsession with trying to be TOO PERFECT!

We all have an obsession to satisfy certain desires of the flesh. When these desires become habitual in a destructive way is what constitutes an addiction. Every human being who has ever lived (other than Jesus) has at least one detrimental addiction we deal with on a daily basis. If someone says they don't have any addictions...they are lying to you.

The people who do not admit their addictions are the hypocrites who rule the mainstream church today. In other words, it's the "holier-than-thou" types. I think you know who I'm talking about. Don't forget what God says about our hidden thoughts...

"What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs."

Jesus has taught me that the people we need to be most cautious about in life are the people who don't share their real thoughts and feelings with us in a totally transparent way.

In other words, the "politically correct liberal elites" and the "Holier-Than-Thou elites" who go to church every Sunday. These are the venomous snakes hiding in the swamp ready to strike at their most advantageous moment. We called folks like this "snobs" in my upbringing.

Don't you think the swamp of the mainstream church needs to be drained of these sanctimonious snakes?

In my opinion, the MAN MADE INSTITUTIONALIZED CHURCH looks too far gone to revive. We need to start over again just like Martin Luther did in breaking away from the man made institutionalized church of his day. We need to place our eyes back on Jesus and let Him lead the church community of sincere and committed Christians again. I believe Donald Trump is a front runner for Jesus' second return just like John the Baptist was a front runner for Jesus in His first visit to earth.  Don't forget Donald's middle name is John.

This is not an excuse to give up on the Gospel. Let's keep the faith and finish this fight!

Here is another characteristic I discovered about hypocrites. Why is it that hypocrites get so obsessed with certain words when we know that it is our actions that really have a consequential impact on our lives? Do you remember the old saying, "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?"

These "snakes" are masters of deception and use politically prescriptive propaganda to promote their poisonous precepts.

Every time I look at Harvard grad Senator Chuck Schumer and Yale grad Hillary Clinton, I see the eyes of a snake. Let's put off having to take the "mark of the beast" as long as possible. Hopefully Jesus will return before the Anti-Christ shows his or her ugly face. Come to think of it...the way things are trending...the anti-Christ will probably be a woman.

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