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Thesis point fifteen


Denial of the Power of the Holy Spirit

My experience has taught me that most of today's church leaders deny the power of the Holy Spirit. I think a better word would be reject.

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5. The Apostle Paul says in the latter days Church leaders will, 

"Have the form of godliness but deny its power. Have nothing to do with such people." 

Charismatics and Pentecostals fake the power of the Holy Spirit in Circus like presentations to woo their audiences into an emotional frenzy all for the sake of filling up their offering plates with loads of cash.

Do you remember Benny Hinn? He started his ministry here in Orlando back in 1976 at Calvary Assembly of God. He married the Pastor's daughter. How advantageous for him to achieve his self-centered success. I know he is a false prophet from first hand experience. I was attending this church at the time and had an interest in what was going on in the Charismatic movement. Hinn was eventually chased out of town because of his fraudulent activities. He is a fraud just like most politicians today. They lie, steal and cheat to get what they want. These are the low life losers in life. Just like weeds in our vegetable garden, deep state politicians are the weeds sucking the life blood out of the Body of Christ in which our Founding Fathers intended our Nation to be. Don't you see what's happening inside the deep state

I believe many church leaders today may have never been Baptized by the Holy Spirit and therefore not be able to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit to begin with.

In other words, they never had a true conversion experience. We can't expect them to KNOW how to be led by the Holy Spirit if Church leaders have never been filled with the Holy Spirit. Please note the Baptism of the Holy Spirit happens at the instant we are saved in our conversion (born again)  experience. This is a one time event as taught in the Bible. We know we are saved when the "peace that surpasses all understanding"  permeates our soul and lifts the burden of sin off our conscience minds for the first time in our life. All of us who are truly saved know what a divine experience this is. That's why we call it Amazing Grace. I will never forget my born again experience.

Sadly, I believe many professing Christians have had a false conversion experience because they did not surrender all or make a sincere commitment to follow Jesus at the point of their perceived salvation experience. I believe my daughter Hannah did not have a true conversion experience when her older sister Shelly told her how to be saved by using Easy Believism doctrine to convert her at a very early age. I have always been very skeptical of Hannah's true commitment to follow Jesus because I find it very hard to believe she could fathom the depth of the sacrifice required in what it is to surrender all to Jesus. Please go to this link and listen to this old hymn called "I Surrender All". This song should move us to tears if we really understand God's overwhelming love and sacrifice He made for us...


I believe Ananias and Sapphira in the Bible were killed by God because they were not willing to surrender all to Him. God made an example of them to emphasize the importance of surrendering all to Jesus in our commitment to follow Him as our only Supreme Authority in life. With God, it's All or Nothing. In other words, God will not accept a "half-ass" commitment. Anything status quo He will spew out of His mouth. I believe God will not accept us into His Kingdom unless we are willing to surrender all to Him just as His Son Jesus surrendered all for us on the Cross at Calvary.

We do not speak in tongues when we are Baptized in the Holy Spirit as Charismatics and Pentecostals would have you believe. The Spiritual gift of tongues was evident only during the Apostolic age to authenticate the divine Spiritual authority of the Twelve Apostles who were able to speak and understand other languages that they did not know prior to their "spiritual baptism" experience in order to advance the Gospel message and provide a written record of their words in the New Testament. This gift ceased at the end of this age. Charismatics and Pentecostals believe the gift of tongues is still evident today. What they practice is called ecstatic utterance which is a form of ancient pagan worship. Transcendental Meditation is a great example of this type of utterance  when they assign you a meaningless word called a mantra to repeat over and over again so one may transcend into what they call an upper level of consciousness. This is all part of the mysticism doctrine that has infiltrated the mainstream church. Don't you think if anyone in recent history would have had the gift of tongues, it would be Billy Graham? He did not need this gift because he always had an interpreter translate his sermons when he preached in a foreign country, right?

Two good books to read on this subject are written by John MacArthur. They are titled Charismatic Chaos and Strange Fire. I have discovered most false doctrines come out of the Charismatic movement.

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