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Thesis Point Fourteen


Parental neglect in maintaining discipline and accountability

I mentored the Afro-America boys (now men) in this photo. They were groomsmen in our wedding in 1997. King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Too many children are being raised by single mom's today. It's over 72% in Afro-American communities. Where's Dad? I have never heard a news reporter ever ask this question when addressing all the crime that comes out of the inner cities in America today. Have you? Kids today don't have to worry about hearing Mom say, "Wait 'til your Dad gets home!" like they did in the past. This is inexcusable and an obvious malpractice in responsible parenting. This issue must be confronted and corrected within the church body of believers for the future welfare of our nation! Discipline and Accountability are unknown practices in the majority of homes and within the church body today. Why? Because the church is run by women today! So, do we want a bunch of pussies running the show?


My former wife resented the fact that I was a strong disciplinarian because she was raised in a permissive home as a child. She undermined my authority as the disciplinarian in our family in front of our three daughters to the point where they no longer respected me as the enforcer of family policy in which our daughters knew all too well. 

In our early years of marriage, before my wife undermined my spiritual authority in our household, older couples would come by our table and say how well behaved our children were when we went to nice restaurants like “Toucan Willies” in Oviedo.

No one at CrossLife Southern Baptist Church in Oviedo were willing to confront and correct my wife about her blatant disobedience towards me as God's appointed Spiritual leader to our family. This is what caused our family nucleus to self-destruct and led me to self-medicate with alcohol to relieve my frustrations after nine years of sobriety. My wife did not understand the importance of strong discipline in raising children because she was not subject to it as a child. As I mentioned before in Point Four of my thesis, she believes she is morally superior to me and more qualified to be the spiritual leader and disciplinarian in our family. She divorced me and relieved me of my responsibility of raising our children by taking full custody of their well being. Now she will have to answer exclusively for how our daughters turn out in life.

I discovered that there is a close knit group of women who control the narrative at CrossLife Church in Oviedo. This same group of women used shaming tactics to convince my wife to divorce me. I witnessed other men in this church have the same thing happen to them by this same controlling group of "holier-than-thou" women. My Psychiatrist, who attended this church, had his marriage destroyed by these women. I was able to piece this all together through all the psychotherapy I went through to recover from my traumatic divorce experience. We can't blame kids for their bad behavior. We have to place the blame on us as parents because of our negligence in not taking the necessary time and effort to discipline our kids for bad behavior and teaching them good manners.

Another extremely important point on church discipline is that older women are neglecting their responsibility of disciplining younger women as taught in God's word. Mothers no longer teach their daughters what it is to be Lady-like. There is nothing more attractive to me than when a woman demonstrates true feminine qualities. It seems to be a lost attribute with today's feminist women. There is nothing more ugly to me than a woman who acts like a man. I believe most men will agree with me but they are too scared to admit this for fear of retribution from the feminist women who control the narrative in their lives. Now do you see the consequences of divorce and how it leads to broken homes and dysfunctional families? I have not seen or heard any Pastor preach a sermon on this subject. Have you? This is proof that women have emasculated men in the church today.  


I believe our Heavenly Father is going to hold women and church leaders responsible for the lack of discipline we see in homes and this includes the mainstream Protestant church as well. I, most certainly, do not want to be in their shoes when we meet Jesus one day, do you? 

Let me offer this disclaimer: We cannot blame our kids for their bad behavior if they do not know what it is to begin with. Do you agree?

discipline & Accountability produces perfection


From left to right, Wayne, Jay, Tom, Mario & Tavis

I mentored these Afro-American Boys (now Men) since the age of twelve. They were Groomsmen in our wedding in 1997. From left to right - Jay Jackson (now a Criminal Law Attorney), Mario Otis (now a Supervisor for Tech Support at Spectrum) and Tavis Porter (now a Graphic Artist). Did you know that certain people think I am a racist because I voted for Donald Trump. What do you think?

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