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thesis point nineteen


The most neglected demographic of people in the church are single adults

I am 67 years old and I have been single for over 50 of those years. I know this is true because I have been single for most of my adult years attending the mainstream church. Very few churches have a singles ministry. The few that do are ministering to those who are 18 to 30 years old. Once you hit 30 you're on your own. Singles just don't fit in because the church focuses on families and neglects the needs of a single person. Did you know that over half of our adult population in the United States are single now? 

God's word commands us to take care of singles (those who are all alone in life) in James 1:27. Check out this recent news story on loneliness. This neglect is another major reason for church growth decline and another example of church hypocrisy. Neglecting the needs of single adults proves the mainstream church does not practice what it preaches because they claim to follow all the teachings found in the Bible. Not true as you can see.

Let me add one more demographic that is being neglected by the church today. Young adults are another demographic large in numbers who have left the church. Here is the latest news article that may help answer the why questions. I tend to agree with what is stated in it based on my own practical experience observing the lack of young people in church attendance along with other pertinent reasons that I have stated in this Thesis. Read the news article for yourself and come to your own conclusion as to it's relevance to church growth decline. As you can see, the church neglects many groups that lie within the demographic scope of those they are responsible to serve. Neglect of this kind dramatically affects the growth of the Body of Christ. Do you agree?

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