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thesis point seven


Political Correctness is a lie that comes straight from the pit of Hell.

The mainstream church is believing the politically correct lie that it is not okay to talk about politics in group discussions. Political correctness is a mind trick that is designed to keep our conversations in small talk mode at all times. This is a lie that comes straight from the pit of hell. Even in local drinking establishments it is not okay to talk about politics anymore. It did not use to be this way twenty plus years ago. I believe this lie was manufactured within the think tanks of Harvard and Yale Law Schools as a very shrewd way to censor our speech because these progressive liberal elites do not want us as potential voters to find out what their real goal is which is to Socialize our country and globalize it with rest of the world.

These Liberal Elitists want One World Wide Socialized Government with no borders.

By now you can see I have brought politics into my discourse on the reasons for church growth decline. I have listened to dozens of sermons all across our country by going to each church's website that have posted their weekly sermons specifically looking for any Pastor who had mentioned Donald Trump in their sermon concerning his election for President. I purposely selected the sermons the week before and after his election date because this would have been the most likely time to mention his name. Please note I only picked the churches who I believed to be the most sound in their doctrine. I did not pick any mainstream denominational churches like Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans and the like…I already knew they had joined the harlot church a long time ago. This now includes the largest Protestant denomination in the world which happens to be Southern Baptist...

I only found one preacher who mentioned Trump's name. Oh, by the way, HE HATES DONALD JOHN TRUMP! He is a Seventh Day Adventist Messianic Jew. Please note that Seventh Day Adventists are very legalistic in their views on Scripture just like the ruling Jewish Pharisees were when Jesus and His first cousin John the Baptist walked this earth. Point Five of my thesis covers legalism in the church today.

Please contact me if you know of a Pastor who has mentioned Donald Trump in one of their sermons about his election. I will buy you lunch if you can find one. Church leaders avoid his mention like he is the plague.

I believe Donald Trump is a modern day prophet. I see such a striking parallel between President Trump and what Jesus and John the Baptist went through when dealing with the ruling politicians and religious leaders of their day. I have never seen such a hatred for any president in my lifetime. It is the same kind of hatred the Jews had towards Jesus and His First Cousin John when they were here on earth. You will recall both were executed because the Jews had an extreme prejudicial hatred towards them for their   

differences on what public policy should be.

Look at all the current Jews who hate our President. Did you know that Jews make up 2% of our population and control over 90% of the news media? Jews are major power brokers within the News Media, our Government, Public Education, Hollywood and Disney Entertainment, Social Media and who knows what else? This would explain why there appears to be a concerted effort behind the scenes to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump who is without a doubt a "Modern Day Prophet" sent by God. This is a text book example of what Government conspiracies look like. If you are a political history buff and have the gift of discernment, you would immediately recognize the fruits of a conspiracy when you see it. Do you remember who Adolf Hitler appointed to put a political spin on his conspiracy? Does Joseph Goebbels ring a bell? Some believe there is substantial evidence Hitler comes from Jewish ancestry.


Below is a list of Jews who hate our President. Each name is linked to their profile or an article that substantiates their hatred for our President. Jesus called these folks, “children of the devil”.

The Seed of Cain

Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Tom Steyer,  Steve Rattner, Lanny Davis, Andrew Weissman, Laurence Tribe, Sergey Brin, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Robert Reich, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jared Polis, Noam Chomsky, Rahm Emanuel, Gary Cohn, Eric Schneiderman, Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, Charles Fried, Michael Bromwich, Rod Rosenstein, Debbie Waserman Schultz, Amy Berman Jackson, Howard Schultz, Ben Wikler, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Jackie Speier, Brad Sherman, Nick Hanauer, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Plepler, Josh Gottheimer, Gabby Giffords, Jacky Rosen, Samantha Vinograd, Sander Levin, Thomas Friedman, Jan Schakowsky, Pete Davidson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Eliot Engel, Al Franken, Lois Frankel, Alan Lowenthal, Nita Lowey, Rob Wyden, Josh Gottheimer, David Kustoff, Jamie Raskin, Max Rose, Josh Charles, John Yarmuth, David Cicilline, Ted Deutch, Brad Grey, Bette Midler, Richard Blumenthal, Sydney Blumenthal, Brian Schatz, Marc Elias, Brad Schneider, Ben Cardin, Eliot Spitzer, David Axelrod, Marc Mezvinsky, Haim Saban, Steve Cohen, Michael Cohen, David Coleman, Gary Cohn, Yoni Appelbaum, Seth Karman, Paul Krugman, Michael Bloomberg, Matthew Yglesias, Bill Maher, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Dana Milbank, Carl Bernstein, Michael Eiesner, Bob Iger, Preet Bharara, Gary Barber, Bob Iger, Stefan Halper, Harvey Weinstein, Gerald Levin, Daniel Schorr, Laurence Tisch, Sumner Redstone, Jim Kessler, Marshall Cohen, Chuck Lorre, Peter Chermin, Michael Schulhofand, Ronald Perelman, Ben Rhodes, David Geffen, Jodi Kantor, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Jeff Katzenberg, Brian Roberts, Jake Tapper, Jared Bernstein, John Stewart, Fran Lebowitz, Roger Cohen, Seth Meyers, Seth Rogen, Ron Perlman, Valerie Plame, Michael Ian Black, Wolf Blitzer, Jonathan Greenblatt, Joe Lockhart, David Rhodes, Jodi Kantor, Richard Plepler, Steven Spielberg, Brian Stelter, David Brooks, Judith Shulevitz, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Sean Penn, Trevor Noah, Marshall Herskovitz, Natalie Portman, Josh Charles, Lawrence Tisch, Rick Kaplan, Andrew Lack, Ed Sussman, Hilary Rosen, Susan Zirinsky, Jeff Zucker, Jeffrey Toobin, Chris Wallace, Jeff Zeleny, Jeffrey Goldberg, Nate Silver, Martha Nussbaum, Rachel Maddow, Donny Deutsch, Kurt Eichenwald, Joel Rubin, Leslie Moonves, Sally Kohn, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Sarah Hurwitz, Julia Ioffe, Max Boot, Zachary Greenberg, Michael Bromwich, Michael Isiskoff, Yoni Appelbaum, Debra Katz, Masha Gessen, Daniel Berrin, Chelsea Handler, Woody Allen, Wendy Sherman, Lena Dunham, Michelle Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Julian Epstein, Bess Kalb, Eddy Hartenstein, Gwyneth Paltrow, Judd Apato, Jennifer Rubin, Susan Glasser, Peter Kann, A.G. Sulzberger, Mike Levin, Neal Shapiro, Josua Clover, Max Frankel, Andy Levin, John Berman, Andrew Feinberg, Ben Smith, Andy Lassner, Ronan Farrow, Debra Messing, Andrew Goldstein, Marianne Williamson, Maggie Haberman, Jill Abramson, Mortimer Zuckerman, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Laurence Tribe, JJ Abrams, Scott Israel, Jussie Smollett, Adam Silver, Laurence Tribe, Elie Mystal, Jeff Klinzman, Joel Rubin, Penny Pritzker, Larry David, Steve Wohlberg, Zachary Greenberg, Armie Hammer, Bret Stephens, Ellen Weintraub, Debra Messing, Ed Buck, Seth Abramson, Paul Engelmayer, Judy Sheindlin, Leon Cooperman, Daniel Goldman, Adam Goldman, Craig Silverman, Gordon Sondland, Robert Kraft, Chuck Lore, Michael Mann, Pamela Karlan, Noah Feldman, Harry Litman, Barry Berke, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Ruth Marcus and her husband Jon Leibowitz, plus many more. Do you remember who came up with the whole concept of Socialism? His initials are KM. Check out these Jews of old... Saul Alinsky and Leon Trotsky. Let me give you heads up, keep your eye on Bloomberg and Horowitz


Many more Jews are in the upper echelon of our government, public education, "fake news" media, social media, banking & financial institutions, the entertainment industry and who knows what else? It is very obvious to me that these Jews main objective is to destroy our President. They have fabricated a façade to hide their deeply Satanic political agenda. All of these Jews are experts in the use of propaganda to advance their secret agenda of eliminating Capitalism and replacing it with Socialism where select liberal elites in the Government own and control most everything.

Many Bible Theologians believe these Jews are the Seed of Cain. It seems to me that there is a link in the genetic code of the DNA that switches on this evil mindset going all the way back to the birth of Cain. Can't you SEE what I am writing about is VERY suspect?

There is no doubt in my mind that these Jews would nail Donald Trump (a professing Presbyterian Christian) to a cross if they knew they could get away with it.


Added note: Please do not misunderstand me. I am not condoning hatred for Jews like Louis Farrakhan does. Jesus and all of His disciples were Jews and He did not call them “Children of the Devil” except Judas Iscariot.

​Today's mainstream church leaders purposely exclude politics from their discussions with those who attend their group meetings because they are unknowingly being conformed to the spirit of the anti-Christ who is Satan the "Father of Lies" himself. The mainstream church is actually taking away our First Amendment right to speak our mind concerning our particular views on politics. Our founding Fathers would be appalled with such narcissistic censorship, agreed?

This is a grave mistake because politics is the main reason for this division.

We now have two opposing forces so vast and so vindictive towards each other that is tearing our country apart. We are now in the midst of another Civil War because of our political differences. We, as followers of Jesus, need to be educated in our political thinking so we can better understand what it is that divides us and discuss ways to mend our differences and help us make wise decisions when we go to vote for those who would be our future political leaders.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton's Methodist Pastor compared her election loss to President Trump to Jesus' death on the cross as if she is the one who was crucified? Discussing politics will be a primary focus in this Men's Mentoring Ministry. Hillary Clinton is Methodist. I grew up in the Methodist Church and left because I saw that they were considering ordaining women to be Pastors in their churches. I knew this was against what God teaches in the Bible. Now many Methodist churches have a woman as their lead Pastor. The church should be deeply involved in politics. Jesus was deeply involved in politics during His ministry. He was always in the face of the politicians of His day. He knows how important politics is in our endeavor to fulfill His will of bringing His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus is campaigning to be our future President when He comes back to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

A church that is not willing to discuss politics in a church setting is aligned with the anti-Christ. They are setting the stage for the anti-Christ to take control of the entire world as prophesied in the Bible.

I believe the mainstream Protestant church today has joined the harlot church along with the Roman Catholic Church. The Apostle John writes about this in Revelation Chapter 17. I hope and pray this does not apply to the many church leaders whom I know and love who are actively involved in various Christian ministries. What troubles me most is that all these Christian leaders that I know and love do not bring up politics in any of their preaching and study of God's word. We need to ask ourselves why is this happening? 

I KNOW why the Apostle John calls this church the “Harlot”. Do you KNOW why? It’s because it is...


I will continue my search for a church home that genuinely demonstrates the "fruits of the spirit" in our mission to carry out the Great Commission. Jesus said, "you will know them by their fruit."  Henry Blackaby talks about this in his book Experiencing God. In other words, it is what we produce as a church body that authenticates whether or not we have sincere and devoted faith.

I know a lot about horticulture so I understand a plant has to grow before it can produce fruit. The same is true with the local church. It will not bear fruit if it is not growing. Am I right in my reasoning? Most Pastors today are aware of church growth decline. That being said, I believe it is fair to say a church will not bear fruit if it is not growing. I can't think of a better metaphor than a tree bearing fruit to describe the healthy growth of the Body of Christ. Can you?

So far in my search for a church home since my first divorce in 2005, I have found a bunch of dead branches with no fruit. So Sad! I feel exactly like John the Baptist and the Prophet Isaiah when they said, "I am a voice crying in the wilderness". Can you relate?

One more point of reference...

Are you starting to see that there is a dark underworld going on in the Democratic Party?

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