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This quote is an ideal quip of what it is to have the mindset of an idealist. Who is an idealist? If you have not noticed, the mainstream church today are full of them. They are the moral perfectionists who dictate church doctrine according to their elite standards and expectations. Both of my former wives are moral Baptist perfectionists. An idealist is the twin sister of a legalist. These two mindsets lack flexibility and objectivity in their thinking . An idealist is consumed with the book of Utopian aspirations they have created for themselves to follow. They will ostracize anyone who does not comply with what they consider to be the gospel truth. An idealist is the total opposite of a pragmatist. Their biggest handicap in their thinking is that they don't have a lick of common sense. This is why pragmatists get so annoyed with them.

An idealist has a false concept of human nature. They think that mankind is basically good and if we create an ideal environment for them everything will be perfect. This is why they have so many pipe dreams. As we know, the Bible makes it very clear that mankind is not basically good and falls way short of God’s standard of total perfection

Most College Professors and Liberal Elites are idealistic in their thinking. A typical idealist has plenty of book smarts but severely lacks in street smarts. In other words, they have no idea how the book smarts they learned in school or college practically applies in the streets of real life.

I taught the three boys I mentored this truth and they have turned out to be very successful men. See their photo. I learned my street smarts in the Navy prior to completing my college education. The military is well known for turning young naive boys into real men who learn how to be comfortable in their own skin unlike all the snowflakes we see on college campuses today.

My life experience has taught me that KNOWLEDGE is nothing more than a tool. If not used properly, it can do more harm than good. A hammer is a tool. Ask any carpenter about the right way to use a hammer. He will tell you how important it is to hit the nail instead of your thumb because he has made that mistake before. OOUUCH!

This is why so many employers, like myself, choose not to hire college grads who have degrees in the social sciences. Employers know these employees are very naive in street smarts and are a liability instead of an asset to their company's bottom line. I liked the students who had jobs while putting themselves through college. These employees always turned out to be productive workers that added true value to the company's bottom line. This is why the Obama Administration (all highly educated idealists in their mindset) made so many bad deals and decisions with our adversaries on the World Stage. President Obama has been living in a Marxist bubble his whole political life as a professionally groomed student by the deep state bureaucrats and Ivy League School Professors to be President of the United States of America. Obama does not know how to think outside his severely limited idealistic mindset because of his continued isolation from the real working world. These folks did the same thing with Pete Buttigieg with his Ivy League indoctrination using Identify Politics to promote him to be the first openly gay President. They promoted Yale Grad Hillary as being the first woman to break the glass cealing as President. These power hungry narcissists are more concerned with gender, race and sexual orientation as their major qualifiers rather than hire the best person for the job.


Have you noticed how your Ivy League Colleges are setting the pace with their Globalist and Socialist agenda? They are purposely indoctrinated their students and our public education system with Marxist Ideology and teaching them the lie of Climate Change to convince them of the need for Government intervention to stop the fatal demise of our planet because of man made emissions of Green House Gases caused by fossil fuels.

President Trump grew up on the streets of Queens in New York City as a private businessman. His dad taught him the Real Estate business. He is a genius when it comes to street smarts. I doubt seriously there is a person on earth who could outsmart him when it comes to street smarts. This is the main reason why he is such a great deal maker. When it comes to playing "mind games", I will BET BIG on Trump winning these games all day long. How 'bout you? Ignorance/Arrogance, take your pick, is the weakness of fools who think they know it all. A perfect example of these type of folk are the "Squad" who reside in the House of Representatives.

Let me ask you a question. Who do you think would win in a game of poker, Donald Trump or Barack Obama? I learned to play poker with my fellow shipmates in the Navy while out at sea. I don't know of a better game that relates to real life like poker does. It teaches us how to play the odds and know when someone has a good hand or is bluffing. President Trump has owned Casinos in the past. I can assure you that you don't want to play President Trump in poker if you want to win. I know a good poker player when I see one.  

Did you ever watch the movie “The Cincinnati Kid”?  Your best poker players are all pragmatic in their thinking. Our President is a “pragmatist on steroids”. They are the one’s who end up in the World Series of Poker each year. Don't you remember President Trump said we don't win anymore? He knows how to play the odds and knows when someone has a good hand or if someone is pretending to have a good hand. This is called the gift of discernment which is a valuable attribute of the gift of prophecy. President Trump has these "Spiritual Gifts" and very few Christian leaders recognize and appreciate this fact about him. Most successful entrepreneurs know how to read people because they know how to test the spirits and read the nonverbal communications of others before making important decisions. Donald Trump calls this extreme vetting.

A pragmatist KNOWS actions speak louder than words.

I have discovered that an idealist actually believes their words have more merit than their actions. All idealists are great at using cleverly worded phrases to fool those they want to manipulate. All con artists (frauds) are masters in the use of words to fool those they want to prey on. My observations of my former wives idealistic mindsets reinforced in my mind the validity of this truth. That's why an idealist is all talk and no show.

The reason we don't win anymore is because the idealists who run our country don't KNOW how to win.

Here’s what I have discovered when contrasting idealists vs. pragmatists...

Idealists are all about their accolades and pragmatists are all about their accomplishments in which they attribute to their personal successes.

Which do you think are more important when it comes to the sustenance of life?

I just watched an old movie on Turner Classic Movies called “The Young Philadelphian's” starring a young Paul Newman. Great Script writing in this movie. This movie is a great portrayal of how rich and powerful elites control their subjects through false promises and deceptive practices.

My life experience has taught me the importance of being balanced in both book smarts and street smarts. This is what leads to great wisdom over time.

I believe Donald Trump is a cross between King David and his son King Solomon. He is a man of great wisdom, courage, faith, intuition, wealth, power, fame and quite a lady's man at that. Many of the self-righteous hypocrites who hate our president have criticized him for being married three times. Did you know King Solomon, who many believe was the wisest man to ever live other than Jesus, had approximately 700 wives and 300 mistresses in his lifetime? Way too many politicians and church leaders are severely lacking in the courage of King David and the wisdom of King Solomon in our country today. This deficiency contributes greatly to church growth decline in both numbers and morality. Let me add one more thing...there is nothing wrong with having dreams or ideals as long as we realize that it takes a pragmatist to achieve them.

Bottom line - an idealist is all talk and no show. In contrast, a pragmatist let's their actions (production) speak for it's self.

The political left is totally consumed with what President Trump says and not what he does. They ignore the fact that he is actually fulfilling all of his campaign promises. Therefore, this proves my point that the liberal elites actually believe that their words have more merit than ouir personal production in life. Do you see the “sleight of hand” here in their deception? Compare Barack Obama’s resume with Donald Trump’s. It's like comparing Mount Whitney with a backyard mole hill. Rodents live inside mole hills don't they? Don’t forget President Trump had a Dad who loved him and mentored him to be what he is today. Obama had no such Father Figure to emulate in his pursuit of prosperity. He is the first President in history to be raised by a single mom. 

Unfortunately, we reap what we sow...


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