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thesis point thirteen


Lack of Church Discipline and Accountability

Read Matthew 18:15-17. It seems to be the new normal for people not to confront the sins or offensive behavior of others and ignore what Jesus teaches us. People would rather talk behind our backs and malign our personal reputation rather than confront the offensive behavior we see in face to face private meetings as Jesus taught us to do.

I know from much practical experience, the hardest thing to do as a boss is to confront and correct an employee for breaking company policy or simply for bad behavior. It takes a massive set of balls to confront incompetence or corruption within an organization and most people do not have the fortitude to complete such a task. This is why we don't want a bunch pussies like Obama running the show pure and simple.

I grew up with my mom and three sisters and my wife and three daughters in my marriage. I had no brothers or sons to enjoy things that men and boys love to do. Maybe when I get to heaven there will be only brothers and no sisters. That would be nice for a change. Jesus said there will be no marriage in Heaven. Thank God, what a blessing of peace that will be. I have always been around the female gender my whole life. Even with this much experience, I still do not understand the female mindset. We are definitely "Different by Design" as John MacArthur describes in his book. One thing for sure, I do know what women's biggest character flaws are from past experience. Number one, women love to stick their nose in other people's business and number two, once they find some shady activity they will maliciously gossip about it behind our backs with their closest confidants. That's why they call this back biting. I think this makes them feel better so they don't feel so bad about their own shady activities.

President Obama was raised by a single mom and learned this sin weakness from her. He, Susan Rice and Samantha Power were the main characters in sticking their noses into the business of the Trump campaign to try and dig up shady activity so they can destroy him and those who support him. These are the manifestations of their own self-righteous behavior.

Hillary Clinton is the most self-righteous (sanctimonious) person I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. How nauseating can one person be? She is a perfect example of someone who has been given over to a depraved mind as the Bible teaches. Now she is considering becoming a Methodist Preacher. Have you experienced what I am talking about with certain women in your life?

It is very obvious that the "mainstream church" is not confronting and corrected sins that corrupt the church. Especially the destructive sin of feminism.

There are not many current books written addressing church discipline. The best one I've read is called the Peace Maker by Ken Sande.

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