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thesis point three


An Ugly Picture of the Demonic Spirit of Feminism in Action

In my steadfast opinion, the demonic spirit of Feminism is the primary source of power and control which has metastasized into the vital organs of the church and is gradually killing it off. It is by far and away the most divisive force known to man.

Can't you see all the destruction, division and disorder it manifests?


You may ask how I know that feminism is demonic? The simple answer is I have used spiritual warfare when confronting this evil spirit before. Have you heard of Sam Cathy? Jim Henry, who pastored First Baptist Church when it was downtown Orlando, had Sam come as a guest speaker to share his expertise on Spiritual Warfare on several occasions. His preaching on how to practice Spiritual Warfare is how I determined that feminism is demonic. I rebuked this demonic spirit in both of my wives using the SUPREME AUTHORITY OF JESUS' NAME on several occasions and it left my wives train of thought EVERY TIME! My wives were totally unaware of what just happened when I commanded this evil spirit to leave them. It’s like their minds go totally blank and walk out of the  room leaving me at peace once again...isn't this interesting?

Religious Scholars call this evil spirit Lilith or the Jezebel spirit in the Bible. I believe many men have left the church because of all the domineering women who control the narrative in the operations of the mainstream church today. Women rule the church and the majority of marriages today. This should not surprise us because the prophet Isaiah said this would happen in Isaiah 3:12.

Let me ask you some pertinent questions...

How are we performing as a church body of professing Christians since women have taken control of the helm? See what Former President Obama says about women running the show. This thesis shows that the demonic spirit of feminism is the main catalyst sparking the decline in church growth and it's unification. How much longer are we as followers of Jesus going to tolerate this wicked attack on men and their God assigned role in the church?

Please see this recent video of a 29 year old politician (youngest ever to be elected to congress as a woman) who actually thinks she's the Boss. It's perplexing she has this mindset especially knowing she is a rookie legislator in the House of Representatives. I believe this woman would send the whole Republican Party to concentration camps or even executed if she had the power to do so. Look at this recent news story and see if you come to the same conclusion as me.  


All dictators in the past have been known to make lists of those they want to eliminate when they gain absolute power and control over the people. I have never met a feminist who is not obsessed with power and control. This is especially true when they have dealings with men like Elizabeth Warren does. Like Hitler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will send all those who are not "politically correct" to their political demise. AOC, as she is called, has the same narcissistic mindset as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin. Fidel Castro, Hassan Rouhani, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Nicholas Maduro, Kim Jon-n, Mugabe, Xi Jinping, and all the other tyrants who have risen to power in the past. This is peculiar considering the fact she is a woman. Don't kid yourself...

This woman is pure evil! Are not our elected officials suppose to be public servants and not public tyrants?


I would like for you to contrast 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her 29-year-old political counterpart Candace Owens. It is incredible how polar opposites they are of each other. If this does not show a dark side and bright side of human nature, I am not sure anything will. Do you agree?

You would see these truths if you have the gift of discernment and are being led by the Holy Spirit. AOC is the poster child of what a narcissist looks like. Most millennial's have this "know it all" mindset. In the 70’s, I use to see this bumper sticker on many cars, it said…

"Hire a teenager while they still know it all."

Everyone of us are born with a narcissistic mindset. Children usually mature out of this self-centered mindset with the help and direction of their mentors before they reach adulthood...not anymore as we can sadly see.

I have learned from much practical experience that the more knowledge I gain the more I realize how much I don’t know and how small I am compared to the eternal vastness of our universe. This is evidence of someone who is exercising Godly Wisdom instead of worldly wisdom in our thinking process.

I have also observed that the more liberal the church is in doctrine, the higher percentage of women will be in attendance. Take as examples the Methodist and Episcopal Churches. What I am describing is especially true when distinguishing between eternal truths and temporal truths. My biggest fear is the unknown. This is why I hunger and thirst for these unknown morsels of truth so much. What is your biggest fear?

Among adults, women make up over two thirds of total church attendance today according to my own personal research and observations. Women also consider themselves to be the Spiritual leaders in over 90% of their marriages according to the countless married and divorced men I have talked to since leaving Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas in 1983. Most men seem to think that it is the cool thing to do to let women run the show because that's what's trending in pop culture today. After all, "if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Feminist women have undermined God’s patriarchal chain of command and are being disobedient to what is clearly defined in the Bible.

Read Ephesians 5:23 which says,

"For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church".

According to my research, most churches have a women's ministry but only a handful have an active Men's ministry. Many churches will list a Men's Ministry on their website but when I dig deeper I find that it is not active or does not exist at all. It's all a facade to make them appear more diversified to their target demographic.

I also believe that feminism is the number one reason for the destruction of the nuclear family today because of the high rate of divorce, broken homes and dysfunctional families it manifests.

Prior to 1972, the divorce rate in the United States was 15% according to CDC statistics. Please look at this graph to see the rapid rise in divorces from 1972 forward. My mom divorced my dad in 1973. Their divorce is what caused me to grow into a deep depression while serving in the Navy. It was later diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder. I have a history of this depressing disease ever since. Like Jeremiah, you can call me the "weeping prophet". I think all prophets suffer from depression. Sorrow is the number one characteristic that cloaks a prophet's Spiritual Calling. I am very acquainted with it. It's like an old reliable friend in a way. I have to work very hard not to let my sadness turn into anger. I am always asking for Jesus to help me with the fruit of self-control.


I found this YouTube video of a nineteen year old woman who really understands the dangers of feminist ideology.

I believe divorce is the primary reason for all the divisiveness we see in the mainstream church today.

Check this fact out - the vast majority of divorces prior to 1972 were initiated and filed by men because most women depended on their husbands for their financial needs and there was no such thing as "no-fault divorce" which made it much easier for women to divorce their husbands. The divorce rate started going up dramatically in 1972 when the Equal Rights Amendment for Women was passed. It is now over 50% among professing Christians today.

You will not see any Pastor today touch this topic from the pulpit because the majority of their church attendees are women and they don't want to risk losing their financial support. Women have also made sexual sin the worst sin committed in the church because they know the "Sin of David" is man's biggest sin weakness. The Me Too Movement is a perfect example of this Satanic attic on men. They use sexual sin as a trump card to gain power over men to advance their personal agenda in the Church and their marriages. Who's to say that sexual sin is worse than malicious gossip which is women's biggest character flaw?

Every deck of cards has two Jokers. Many people insist on using the Joker cards as trump cards in a game of poker even though they are not considered to be legit. I have discovered people who lean left politically are the cheaters, takers and frauds in life and are the ones who love to stack the deck with  jokers as trump cards. All is fair to them when they compete in life. This is how they (in their own mind) justify their shortcomings so they maintain an appearance of wealth, fame and prestige. In other words, it’s all about how we look on the outside physically instead of how we look on the inside spiritually…do you know what I mean? This does not mean many on the right are not guilty of this character flaw as well. I changed my party from Republican to Independent because of this hypocritical and narcissistic behavior that exists with many in the Republican Party. Franklin Graham did the same thing. These folks would rather take than give in life. They have no moral compass when navigating through their self-serving political agenda. Have you found this to be true?

Does God prioritize certain sins as being worse than others? As we know, the Bible says...

"If we break the law in one part, we are guilty of breaking it all".


It's very obvious which sin angered Jesus more than any other...do you know what it is?

It's the Sin of Hypocrisy!

Please read Matthew 23 to support this fact. Jesus told the Jewish Religious politicians to "Go to Hell" seven times in this chapter. Some interpreters say eight. That's what the word "Woe" actually means using today's lingo translating from the original Greek text. Of course a politically correct person would have an emotional meltdown with such a public rebuke. In contrast, let's look how Jesus treated the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery found in John 8:1-11.

Let's be clear, there is no scripture to support that sexual sins are worse than any other as "Feminists" would have you believe. God does state in His Word that the sin of homosexuality is detestable in His sight. It is interesting to note that many feminists prefer homosexuality over heterosexuality. Have you noticed this to be true?

Did you know that God says there is no sin temptation that is not common in the thoughts of mankind? Much practical experience has taught me that hypocrites prioritize certain sins as being worse than others especially if it will give them a political advantage over their opposition. They love to play what I call the "Blame-Shame-Game" to morally destroy those they despise. Pure unadulterated evil if you ask me...

Most women today actually think they are morally superior to men and better suited to be the spiritual leaders in the mainstream church and their marriage.

My two former wives believe they are morally and spiritually superior to me and verbally admitted it to me on many occasions. No human being, male or female, is superior to another. We are all created equal in the eyes of God.

Everyone in the Human Race has a particular God Assigned Role to play on the World Stage. The Bible makes it clear that every role (husband or wife for example) is equally important and distinctly different in design and duty as stated in the Holy Bible.

God will judge us on how well we play our God assigned role and not how much power, control, value or popularity our particular role holds. Husband and wife roles are clearly described in the Bible. What do you think will happen if we don't follow God's script on what our assigned roles are supposed to be when acting on the World Stage? Most certainly it would be a box office flop. Don't waste your time and money on all the depraved movie scripts coming out of Hollywood today. It is a losing proposition. You will find yourself in the wasteland of corruption before you know it. Bill and Hillary have been in this wasteland their whole career. Did you ever watch the movie "The Firm"? John Grisham must have based his novel on Bill and Hillary's law firm in Arkansas.

I believe a lot of married and divorced men know exactly what I am talking about concerning what King Solomon describes as a "contentious woman".  He said, "It is better to live in a corner of the attic than a house shared with a contentious woman".

I have been in the pest control industry for over 25 years. I have been in countless homes providing pest control service. You would be shocked to see how many husbands and wives actually sleep in separate bed rooms thus proving King Solomon's point that it is better to live in the corner of an attic (separate bedroom) than with a contentious woman. It is rumored that the President and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms.


My first wife's parents lived in separate bedrooms because her mother was a very contentious woman. My second wife told me that her deceased parents had a very contentious relationship as well. Like mother like daughter as the old saying goes. My second wife (a devout Baptist born and raised in Romania) and I lived in separate bedrooms as well in order to keep the peace. She kicked me out of my house by using secular law against me. I owned this home outright paid for by 100% with my own hard-earned money. It took a lot of expensive legal work to get me back into my own home. Now do you understand why being a Baptist is a dirty word in my book. 


In my opinion, the word Baptist is much dirtier than the word fuck, shit, cunt and whatever other cuss word you can think of.

In both cases my Baptist wives falsely accused me. It was my word against their word with no other witnesses to authenticate their testimony. This is when I discovered Family Law does not practice this very important commandment in the Bible...

"Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses."

As you can see, this problem exists all over the world and throughout history as well. 

One thing I told my two former wives repeatedly, "you learned how to bring the worst out of me but you never learned how to bring the best out of me". My psychotherapist told me that many wives have an unconscious desire to tear down their husbands when they fear they are inferior to them.

Read this recent news story from a woman's perspective.

I admit I lost sexual interest in both of my wives because they treated me more like a mother than a lover. So my question to you now is, who wants to make love to their mother? I would rather go to a porn site than make love to my mother, wouldn't you? Does it make sense now why pornography is a Trillion dollar industry worldwide? Of course women would rather blame their husband for their lack of sexual intimacy in their marriage. Both of my former wives blamed me for our lack of sexual intimacy. They fail to consider why they may be sexually undesirable with their husbands. It takes two to tango. Love is mutual (reciprocal as Trump would say) and not a one way street. I have discovered many wives will not have sex with their husbands until they get what they want. This is called extortion, is it not?

I have experienced what it is like to live with a contentious wife. Hen pecking is like Chinese water torture...a constant drip, drip, drip, drip, drip...catch my drift? I believe this type of sinful behavior should be classified as cruel and unusual punishment. I relapsed into deep depression because of this constant annoyance. It drove me to start drinking again after many years of sobriety. This constant bickering destroyed both of my marriages. It destroyed my first widowed wife's husband. He decided to end his suffering by committing suicide. I believe my wife Jan must have really shamed him instead of forgiving him because he was arrested for shop-lifting. I would have killed myself too because of Jan's shaming and lack of forgiveness towards me as her husband. I made the lifelong commitment to serve and follow Jesus as my personal mentor and guide in my “born again” experience. I have been bought for a price. I have no property rights to claim ownership of my life. Jesus says those who endure to the end will be saved. I keep asking myself what are the odds that I marry two contentious wives? Probably a lot higher than most people realize. What do you think?

My psychotherapist, Dr. Gordon Hobby, who counseled me for many hours after my first divorce, revealed to me that my first wife is a contentious woman. He told me he has seen this problem with many men he has counseled in the past. He helped me to piece everything together to better understand what caused our marriage to self-destruct. It has become very clear to me that feminism has managed to deceive most women and emasculate most men in the mainstream church today. Men who attend church today are afraid to confront this extremely powerful and evil spirit.

Feminists actually believe that masculinity is toxic to our culture's well being. Let's not be naive and complacent when addressing this detrimental disease that is killing the Body of Christ anymore. It's time to stand firm and take back the church from power hungry women. My practical experience with my former wives has taught me they actually think they are morally superior to men and not equal with each other as Jesus teaches.

Anytime a person thinks they are superior to another person or group of people is the very essence of a racist mindset. Skin color has no relevance to this mindset. The is why the race card is a HUGE LIE.

Here is another very important factor about this demonic spirit which seeks to destroy the nuclear family and the Body of Christ which is the church. My experience has taught me that most women love their children more than their husbands. This was very true in my first marriage. I had no children in my second marriage.

Focus on the Family, considered to be the go to source on Christian marriage counseling, teaches that our relationship with our spouse takes priority over our relationship with our children. Pastor Herb Long, who performed the wedding ceremony with my first wife, emphasized this principle in our premarital counseling. He required us to read Gary Chapman's book, "The Marriage You Always Wanted" which emphasizes the importance in obeying this principle. My former wife disregarded this Biblical principle and chose to put our daughters interests before ours and did not respect my position as God's appointed head of the household. Her relationship with our daughters was more important to her than our relationship as husband and wife. She divorced me because I would not let her be the boss. If I let her be boss, I would be guilty of Dereliction of Duty by not following God's orders of what my role is as a husband to my wife and a father to our children.

My wife used my ONE TIME domestic abuse incident as the TRUMP CARD she was looking for to justify her divorcing me.


Pastor Herb Long, who officiated our wedding ceremony, was close friends with my first wife Jan and me. He did not confront and correct her about her disobedience to this teaching which makes Herb Long a HUGE HYPOCRITE in my estimation. Please note I am not talking behind Herb’s back. I have already confronting him about his extreme hypocrisy and he refused to address the problem. In other words...

Pastor Herb Long does not practice what he preaches.

Herb Long and I no longer have a close friendship because of his betrayal in not standing by his marital instruction towards us as a married couple. In Herb's mind certain sins are UNFORGIVABLE. Where in the Bible does it state an exception to this rule?


As far as I know there are only three unforgivable sins stated in the Bible and they are…

1. Not confessing our sins.

2. Not forgiving others for their sin.

3. Blaspheming or denying the power of the Holy Spirit.

I do not believe I am guilty of any of these three sins. If I am, please let me know because I don’t want to be blind to my own sin like I have in the past. It took me a very long time to finally admit to myself I had a problem with drinking too much alcohol and the need to curb my insatiable desire to chase beautiful ladies.

Can't you see why Jesus hates the sin of hypocrisy so much?

It's tragic how my obedience to God's Word contributed to the demise of my two marriages. I have no regrets. I never could have written this Thesis if I did not go through...

  • the heart break of divorce and the loss of my family.
  • church leadership's neglect in restoring broken relationships.
  • the allowing of Divorce cases to leave the jurisdiction of the local church.

Now I KNOW why God led me to marry Janet Brokaw Webb. God has spoken to me directly only one time in my life. He woke me up in the middle of the night and told me, "your future wife will be born and raised in Leesburg, Florida". The next morning I told my mom about this which would later be verified by my first wife, Jan. My mom was born raised in Leesburg. I was born and semi-raised in Leesburg as well. God directed me to First Baptist Church in Oviedo where I met Jan two months later. Jan knows the whole story. She sent a letter describing all this to all her closest friends and family members. My mom gave me her letter so I may confirm this fact. I have never seen my mom so angry as she was towards Jan in the way she spewed venom at me in our divorce. I spewed right back by spitting toothpaste in her face in one of our heated arguments. I knew it would not be wise to physically hit her. What a disgrace on my wife's part. Her actions were a poor reflection of what is to be Christ-like, don't you agree?

My experience has taught me that feminists want to have the final say on every important household or family decision. Have you noticed how liberals and feminists will not allow President Trump to have the final say on any important decision he has to make for our country? Does Nancy Pelosi come to mind?

I believe this is the primary reason that church growth has been stunted and is in the state of decay. What's your say?

Here are four questions to consider in closing point three.

  • Did Jesus choose to have a wife?
  • Did Jesus select any women to be His disciples?
  • Did the Apostle Paul who wrote most of the New Testament choose to have a wife?
  • Did Paul choose any women to be Elders and Pastors in the churches he planted?

The answer to all four questions is NO! That being said, it should not surprise us that there will be no marriage in Heaven. I am so glad this is true because my two marriages were pure hell for me. What man enjoys living with a woman who has succumbed to all the satanic seductions stimulated by the feminist mindset?


I have no doubts in my mind that feminism is the primary reason for gender role confusion and that homosexuality is preferred over heterosexuality. You are spiritually blind if you can't see this truth. 

Please do not conclude I have a hatred of women. To prove I don’t hate women, let me tell you who are my favorite journalists are on Fox News and none of them are men. They are Maria Bartiromo, Shannon Bream, Laura Ingram, Rachel Campos Duffy, Tammy Bruce, Katie Pavlich, Lisa Boothe, Kayleigh McElany and Emily Compagno. Here is another woman who I love and admire…Ronna McDaniel who is a Fox News contributor. She loves President Trump. Can you believe her Mormon Uncle is Mitt Romney who hates our President? Quite a paradox, don’t you think? 


I do not put credence in the characters of Ansley Earhardt or Jedediah Bila of Fox News because they put their career before being a mother to their newborn babies. Ansley has her own Bible Study on Fox Nation. What HUGE HYPOCRITES since they neglect their Biblical role as a mother to their only child. Do you agree? 


Here is another interesting fact about me…two of my Lawn Technicians with MASTERGREEN were women, both were roommates and lesbian lovers. Let me tell you, being a Lawn Tech is a “Man’s Job”! Pushing a fertilizer spreader full of 80 pounds of fertilizer through a thick Saint Augustine grass in the middle of the summer in not a job for the weak. I did not discriminate because of their sexual preference nor for the fact that they are women doing a man’s job. These women were hard workers and added true value to my company’s bottom line. Another important fact about these women employees is that I did not have to worry about them taking maternity leave which costs all employers a lot of money because of their required absence from work.


I know for a fact that men are not exempt from what causes a woman to follow the feminist ideology. Many men, myself included, have taken advantage of a woman on a date to gratify our own sexual desires with no regard for their own sexual morals. I believe this is a very substantial reason to conclude why many women have a resentment towards men as whole. This is what happens when we do not train our boys to treat a lady like a lady when on a date. We reap what we sow as parents, don't we?

For all you feminist’s who read this…PLEASE SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! Maybe the suicide rate among men would drop off the radar if you heed this wise advice.

Final question. Do you think our Father in Heaven is pleased with feminism setting up house within the Body of Christ which we call "church" today?

Only One Force will conquer this evil spirit and that is by the "BALLS" of our Only Supreme Authority...Who is it?



Is my masculinity toxic enough for you?


Let me close with this very important statement. I do not believe it is the man’s responsibility to rebuke certain women for this blasphemous sin, it is older women who are totally sold out to Jesus who are required by God's Word to confront and correct this problem. When I watch the current Trump rally’s I see a lot of young ladies starting to see the flaws in feminist ideology.

God I hope this is true!


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