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Thesis point twelve


The mainstream church has lost intimacy between members

Total transparency is the key that opens the door to intimacy. The lack of transparency is what leads to the divisiveness we see in churches all over the world. A perfect example of this is when we hide our mistakes from others and pretend in our minds that these mistakes never happened. This is called DENIAL in addiction recovery groups.

I don't know of another word that better expresses what it is to be of one mind with another person than intimacy. Jesus earnestly prayed that we become One with Him as He is One with Our Heavenly Father in John Chapter Seventeen. Today many of us are more consumed with Social-Media and computer games rather than spending quality time in person with those who are most important to us such as family and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I feel like John the Baptist all alone in the wilderness. As I see it, the underground church in China seems to be the only authentic gathering of committed Christians in the world today. I believe there are more but I can't really verify this from my own research because I have not witnessed it with my own eyes.  I just hope and pray that there are many more underground churches that are as committed to following Jesus' teachings as China's professing Christians are? Sadly, I do not see any real authentic followers of Jesus leading the church in the United States of America.

Where is the FRUIT that Jesus talks about?

Everyone I know seems to be lost in cyberspace rather than sitting at the dining room table eating and enjoying the fellowship with those we love most. My whole family (both church and biological) have deserted me because of our differences in what it is to have the true mindset of Jesus. Jesus said this would happen in Luke 12:53. I feel like John the Baptist and the Prophet Isaiah when they said, "I am a voice crying in the wilderness". I am hoping and praying this will change as I try and find like minded men who desire to see true revival within the Body of Christ. I want to meet contenders not pretenders who are totally sold out to Jesus. I have had my fill of pretenders.

It would be great to have the close relationships I use have with my fellow shipmates while serving in the Navy. I know those who have served in the military know what I am talking about. It's very sad when my dog loves me more than my former wives, three daughters, three sisters and church family do. This would explain why so many single people have service dogs for emotional support. I long for the close relationships I use to have with my former family both spiritual and biological who have rejected me as a trusted friend and brother in the Lord. I fully understand why over 20 veterans a day are committing suicide. If I were not sold out for Jesus, I would have killed myself a long time ago just like my first wife's husband chose to do. Why is there so much apathy in our country today? Has Love ceased to exist? Maybe if the mainstream church showed more love and forgiveness more people would attend. What's more attractive than true love?

Tragically, I lost my family because of a lack of intimacy and transparency in our communication between each other. Social Media forums such as Facebook now defines what friendship is by how many "likes" we have on our profile.

This is superficiality at it's max!

Bottom Line: The more people you have in number, the harder it will be to maintain what I refer to as the CIA of church operations. This acronym stands for Continuity, Intimacy and Accountability. In order to maintain these three factors, a church meeting of totally sold out people for Jesus needs to be small in number. Intimacy will dissipate as the population of the group grows. This is why I would rather live in a small town rather than a big city. Is this true for you as well?

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