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The cold hard truth about addiction and breaking free from it's stronghold

Let me intro this point with a statement by Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13 and Romans 7:18-20. I believe the Apostle Paul's "thorn in the flesh"  was a sexual addiction. We all know how sexual sin is kept hush-hush in the church because of all the shame that comes with it.  I personally believe sexual sin is the most common temptation a man can have if we really want to be honest about our hidden thoughts. This is the reason why I believe the Apostle Paul did not go into detail about his thorn in the flesh because he understood how most people consider our sexual relationships with others are private and none of their business. I believe all the prostitutes in Corinth must have really tempted Paul with all the sexual favors they were willing to offer him. Corinth was well known for it's prostitution all around the world during Paul's ministry. It would be compared to Amsterdam today.

We know how internet pornography tempts most men today. Just a click away, right? Sexual addiction as well as other addictions will be talked about with total transparency in Bible Think Tank's Men's Mentoring Ministry and we will all encourage each other to stay clear of the evils that can consume our thoughts that drive us to sin against our own bodies. We have much better things to do with our time than masturbate or abuse our drug of choice (which we all have) or covet other people's fame and fortune as well as other addictions, right? God told the Apostle Paul that "power is perfected in our weakness". Read Romans Chapter Seven for better understanding of Paul's personal struggle with temptation.

Do you know what Jesus' first miracle was? It was turning water into wine at a wedding His mother was directing. Now my question to you now is...what was the drug of choice of the Jewish people at that time? This should be a "no brainer". It was obviously ALCOHOL! This should tell you that Jesus did not discriminate in the use of mind-altering drugs at that time. Alcohol was considered medicinal and good way to liven up a party. Do you agree?


Every person on earth has at least one drug of choice. I will call you a liar if you say you don’t. Which is it? Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, comfort food, marijuana, your Doctor’s pain prescription of choice and you can go on down the list. Are you starting to see the hypocrisy (double standard) that is so prevalent with all the self-righteous finger pointers out there?

I will admit I have one thing in common with King David, King Solomon, President John F. Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Donald J. Trump. We are all addicted to sex. In other words, we are physically attracted to beautiful ladies more than is socially accepted. No one discriminates more when addressing this particular sin than a "feminist". This is especially  true if she is not attractive to men. They resent the fact that they are not as attractive as Melania and Ivanka Trump as an example.


If you are wondering what kind of sin this hateful prejudice is, it stems forth from breaking the Tenth Commandment. It is motivated entirely out of coveting other people’s fame, beauty, prosperity, possessions, wisdom, reputation, power, popularity and anything else that makes them feel inferior to the person they envy or are jealous of. Do you agree?

Another important factor about sexual addiction. It has no political party affiliation. All of us are tempted to make love to our latest sexual fantasy. This is a fact of life if you have not figured this out yet...


Look at all the people who are addicted to illegal drugs moving to sanctuary cities like San Francisco  because they are allowed to sleep on the streets and can openly use their illegal drug of choice without discrimination. These folks are too afraid to commit suicide, so they gradually kill themselves to the point where they finally OD causing their own death. Much like what Hospice is doing with terminal cancer patients using morphine as their drug of choice to relieve their pain and suffering. Do you see the double standard here?

I have come to the conclusion that many in the mainstream church today prioritize certain sins as worse than others especially if it will give them a political advantage over their opponent. I  have learned from much practical experience that every human being is uniquely different when it comes to our temptations to certain sins. All of us fall way short of God's expectations and should understand that there are destructive consequences for ALL SIN. Saying one person is worse than another because of their particular sin is a very prejudicial and is what incites a racist mindset. Have you found this to be true?

Please read this recent news story that will shed more light on the horrible consequences of addiction and how it is destroying a very large segment of our population. Is the church as a whole doing anything constructive in countering the addiction problem in our country today?

Both of my former wives do not believe they have any addictions of any kind. I believe malicious gossip and the love of money are two addictions both of my former wives are guilty and are totally blind in seeing in their own lives. We will openly talk about our addictions in order to be healed from them as we bear each others burdens and encourage each other to overcome them. God told the Apostle Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." 

I personally believe I would have never become a millionaire if my addiction was the love of money. It was my love for my customers that made me a millionaire. My customers knew I had their best interest in mind and this is why they bought my services.

Let me add one interesting point. I have been to many addiction recovery group meetings such as Celebrate Recovery and AA. One thing I have noticed which I believe is very perplexing and that is I have never heard anyone say they are addicted to coveting other people's fame or fortune. It is my opinion...


The sin of coveting is the most denied and destructive addiction known to man.

So let us rejoice in our addictions because it should keep us on our knees in humble submission to the One who will deliver all of us from this body of death we live in one day. We will follow Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) protocol which is "what is said here stays here". Fair enough?

Have you noticed that what is said in the White House does not stay confidential as it should?

You can put FULL BLAME on the snitches who are addicted to gossiping about those they hate.

In closing this point, it is important to understand the detrimental consequences certain addictions have on the over all "Spiritual" health of the Body of Christ. What we call "church" today has a lot to learn when it comes to our understanding of how to overcome addiction. Do you agree?

Here is a great interview with Tyrus and Dr. Drew on the issues associated with addiction...

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