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thesis point twenty-eight


I do not recommend anyone who wants to develop the true mindset of Jesus attend seminary today

It is way too structured and scripted for the Holy Spirit to work through the professors and the students who want to learn how to be like Jesus in their future endeavor to carry out the Great Commission. Don't forget that the Bible teaches us that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are our teachers and not seminary professors.

The seminary atmosphere is very cold and calculated instead of warm and winsome as it should be. None of Jesus' disciples went to seminary. They had three years of on the job training with Jesus to learn what it takes to have His mindset and what His aspirations are for His Future Bride - the "True Unadulterated Church".  It is with great despair that I feel compelled to warn you not to trust any man to interpret what the Bible teaches concerning what our Heavenly Father's will is for our lives.

I believe it is our responsibility as individuals to do our own study of the Bible in what it teaches us.

I have no doubt that God would prefer us to pay attention to Him instead of any church leader on how we should conduct our lives. Why would any follower of Jesus trust any man to tell us what is in the Bible? Our spiritual destiny depends on us KNOWING Jesus and what He teaches us and not what any church leader teaches us. We will follow the format Jesus demonstrated to His disciples in our approach in mentoring the men who want to be part of Bible Think Tank Men's Mentoring Ministry. I went to seminary and found out that it was more of a liability than an asset to my spiritual growth. I invite you to do your own personalized study on the "pitfalls of Seminary training" to prove my point.

God gave us a brain to figure out the mysteries in life and He expects us to use it. I believe our time here on earth is one long and treacherous journey in a temporal sense. This journey is designed to test us on how well we figure out these spiritual mysteries that our five senses cannot detect. This is what Jesus meant when He said, 

"Seek first the Kingdom of God and all things (including the mysteries in life) will be revealed to you".

I believe our Heavenly Father is quite amused when He watches us try to figure out these mysteries. The same way an earthly father would be amused at his own child's struggle to figure out these mysteries. He does not want us to look onto another person's exam paper for the answers. This would be called cheating and grounds to be expelled as a disciple of Christ. As for me, I will keep my eyes focused on Jesus instead of a College professor or local preacher. Do you agree?

Please note there is nothing wrong in seeking out certain Bible theologians opinions on what a particular scripture actually means and see if their input adds any perspective to the truth of the matter. You can be sure no Bible Theologian in the past or present has all the answers to every Spiritual mystery found in the Bible.

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