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thesis point twenty-nine


Most churches drop the ball when it comes to discipleship

Too many times a preacher or a layman will lead a person to Christ and neglect their responsibility to disciple that person as a newborn baby in Christ. It is imperative that we take a new convert under our wing to mentor him or her to understand what it is to have the true mindset of Jesus. This new Christian believer needs to develop intimate and transparent friendships with mature followers of Jesus who will come along side this new believer and help nurture him or her as they grow in the admonition of the Lord.

This new adopted child of God will see for the first time in their life that there are really sincere people who really do care for their best interests and will be there for them when in need. I believe this neglect in discipleship is a huge reason why so many fall away from the Christian faith and contributes greatly to church growth decline. Can I get an Amen? 

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