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thesis point twenty-seven


Many preachers prey on the weak to swindle them out of their last dime

The Prosperity Gospel comes to mind as one of the false teachings that the Charismatic movement uses to manipulate millions of people to give unseen amounts of money to satisfy their insatiable desire to get rich. Does the sin of coveting figure in here?

Joel Osteen is a master at preaching the Prosperity Gospel. I believe he is the wealthiest preacher in the world. My sister Nancy loves Joel Osteen and gave me his book "Your Best Life Now" to read. I already knew this guy was a false prophet but I started to read it anyway out of curiosity. I got about a quarter a way through when I could not read anymore. This is what I read that authenticated to me this man does not have the true mindset of Jesus. He wrote; "when you drive into a parking lot expect God to bless you with a parking space closest to the front door and He will bless you with it".

After reading that, I asked myself what would Jesus do in this situation? I immediately knew the answer without even thinking about it. Jesus would take the parking place farther away and let someone else have the space closest to the front door, right? Joel Osteen wouldn't open the front doors of his church to the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey n Houston, TX. The news media quickly picked up on this story. He did make up for it later because he opened his church the following Saturday to the largest Jewish Synagogue in Houston that was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. Thank God he was called out on his hypocrisy and we see he responded in a constructive manner to save face. How much do you want to bet that he charged them to use his facility?

Have you noticed lately in the news? Kanye West is joining the dark forces of Joel Osteen. Kanye has not changed, he's still all about FAME & FORTUNE. Can you imagine Jesus standing on stage with Joel endorsing his ministry like Kanye is? I think not!

Don't ever think for a moment that those who are on the outside looking in don't see the huge amount of greed that TV Evangelists display in all their seductive sermons designed to fleece their flocks clean of their finances.

What a huge blemish this is to what people see as the church today.

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