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thesis point twenty-three


Forgiving others has become a very conditional process

Let me ask you a question. What is the most valuable attribute of the Gospel message? It is without question the act of forgiveness. Jesus forgave ALL of our sins, so why is it so hard for us to forgive others for their sins? There are too many professing Christians who would rather blame someone for their sin than forgive them for their sin? Am I right in what I am describing to you?

Many in the church today love to play what I call the "Blame Shame Game" in their attitude towards others who may not measure up to their personal expectations and standards. Maxine Waters is the Grand Wizard at playing this game.

I know the term Grand Wizard refers to the leader of the KKK and Maxine has never been one of their supporters. I used the term Grand Wizard because the mindset of a true racist is the same whether you are a leader of the KKK or a ranking member in the House of Representatives like Maxine. Did you know that KKK members were members of the Democratic party and many were also devout Southern Baptists. Did you know President’s Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter are Southern Baptists? This "prejudicially charged" mindset intensifies when they suspect they have caught someone who has committed a sexual sin. Remember the Judge Kavanaugh hearings? The amount of prejudicial hatred that was displayed towards Judge Kavanaugh was off the charts. It reminds me of many old western movies where a lynch mob wants to take the accused out to the nearest tree and hang him or her without a fair and just trial. Can't you see the totally biased prejudice that exists with many professing Christians and politicians today?

Most churches are shame based as opposed to grace based in their theology which is a false gospel. Jesus has taught me that shame comes straight from the pit of hell. We find the Accuser of the Brethren in Revelation 12:9-11 who is the author, director and producer of the "Blame Shame Game". We see God questioning Adam and Eve why they feel ashamed in Genesis 3:11. We see Joseph putting Mary away in secret because he did not want her to be publicly shamed in Matthew 1:18-19. The Apostle Paul says there is no shame for those who place their faith in Jesus in Romans 8:1. Shame is the number one weapon Satan uses to destroy the soul of a man or woman. After all, he is the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, isn't he?

Shame is the total opposite of God's redeeming grace.

The Holy Spirit never shames us. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin. There is huge difference between shame and conviction. Conviction is what convinces  us of our sin. In other words, the Holy Spirit opens our minds and hearts and sheds light on our sin so we can actually see our own sin for the first time in our life. The Holy Spirit convinces us of the reality of our sin in a way that is constructive rather than destructive in nature. It's an amazing phenomenon that cannot be explained in human terms. Does this make sense? Read John Chapter Nine on how Jesus explains what it is to be blind to sin. See what the prophet Isaiah says about this...

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned."

I pray every day that God start shining His light in the hearts and minds of every person who is guilty of the sin of hypocrisy in our country today. Especially my two former wives, three daughters and three sisters. There is so much darkness in the souls of many who profess to be Christians. These folks can't see their own sin. It's like cataracts have clouded the eyes of their soul. They are totally blind to their own sin. People who understand addiction call this blindness DENIAL.

I have learned that when we do not confess our sins to each other is what causes us to become blind to our sin. Blindness to our sin is what causes a person to become a self-righteous hypocrite.

The mainstream (harlot) church, the fake news media, Hollywood & Disney entertainment and our corrupt Government Bureaucracy are overloaded with these self-righteous hypocrites. Jesus called them "wolves in sheep's clothing" Everyone of these hypocrites who accuse others for their particular sins are many times more guilty of the sin they are condemning. Hillary Clinton (a professing Methodist Christian) accused Donald Trump (a professing Presbyterian Christian) of colluding with the Russians and Ukrainians with no evidence to substantiate her claims. Now we see there is an avalanche of evidence of her and her allies colluding with the Russians and Ukrainians during her tenure as Secretary of State and her Presidential campaign. Look at the Trump Dossier lie for instance. There is also substantial evidence that she and top officials of the Obama administration colluded to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump. She clearly is trying to pass her own sins onto Donald Trump as if it were a hot potato. Mental Health Experts call this Psychological Projection. This will all come out in the wash...let history run its course...

It is common practice for hypocrites to blame others for their own sin weaknesses or mistakes. These are the judgmental finger pointers I wrote about earlier in point 8 of my thesis. They can't accept the fact that they are sinners like everyone else in this world. They believe the lie that mankind is basically good and that their own personal sin is not as bad as everyone else's sin. As a result, they ignore their own sin and consider it inconsequential within their own idealistic standards they have created for themselves to follow.

I have never seen such a vast and clear contrast between good and evil as we have seen since Donald Trump came onto the scene as our elected President. Have you? He is doing an excellent job of exposing everyone's deepest and darkest secrets. Now do you believe there is such a thing as the Jezebel spirit as well as other demonic forces at work behind the scenes? Are you starting to see by now why Jesus hates the sin of hypocrisy so much? Maybe now you can see why Jesus calls people like this weeds, snakes, broods of vipers, wolves in sheep's clothing and children of the devil?

The question now is, how do we cure our blindness to our own sin? We do this by confessing our sins to each other which is the most neglected command in the Bible by the mainstream church today. Does it make more sense now when Jesus said to take the plank out of our own eye before we try to to take a speck out of another person's eye?  Look at all the specks the Liberal Elites are trying to take out of President Trump's eye while they have huge planks in their own eyes?

What have I learned about all this? I have learned humans will always fail us.

Jesus is the only person I know who has never failed me. He has never let me down despite the fact that I have let Him down on countless occasions. I admit I sin everyday. Like the Apostle Paul, I consider myself to be the worst of all sinners so who am I to consider myself to be better or more important than anyone else. This is the mindset of what it is to be a true follower of Jesus instead of all the "Holier-Than-Thou" types we see running the show in the church and our country today. They think that they are above the law. We need Jesus to come back and throw these hypocrites out of the Temple again

President Trump would say... "It's time to drain the swamp!"

Thank God there is no shame for those who put their faith in Jesus. Why would we ever put our faith in the corrupt leaders of the church and government?

Jesus never meant for us to put our faith in anyone other than Him.

We are seeing the consequences of the mainstream church taking their eyes off of Jesus. Do you remember what happened to Peter when he took his eyes off of Jesus in Matthew 14:22-33? Donald Trump says...

"We don't worship Government, we worship God!"

Church and Government leaders want us to look to them instead of Jesus on how we should conduct our lives. Let's start fixing our eyes on Jesus again because He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith and no one else as stated in Hebrews 12:2.

Many in our government today would nail Donald Trump to a cross just like the Jews of old did with Jesus if they knew they could get away with it. Don't you agree? All throughout history prophets have been hated by their peers and in most cases killed for the truths they spoke.

Donald Trump is a modern day prophet if you if you have not recognized this by now. It's time we take our head our of our sanctimonious ass and start following the lead of our President because God has put Him in this position to save us from the sin that angered Jesus more than any other sin and that is the sin of hypocrisy.

President Trump may be the only person in Washington DC who really has our best interests in mind. It's time we recognize this and quit listening to our corrupt Government leaders, the Fake News Media, Hollywood actors, College professors and all the sanctimonious church leaders and politicians who have their own best interests in mind rather than those they have pledged to publicly serve.

Satan controls the Democratic Party, the Hollywood elite, the vast majority of the news media and tragically the mainstream church as well. It's time we cut them off from our prying eyes and listening ears. Let's put them out of business. Not another dollar spent on their hypocrisy, fabricated lies and incriminating propaganda.

Was Jesus right in being so angry towards the sin of hypocrisy?

Let me conclude by making a very true statement...

"Feminist women are the most unforgiving creatures on earth!"

Unfortunately, many people, if not most, in the United States of America have become a very unforgiving bunch of judgmental finger pointers. What do you think?

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