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Thesis point two


Looking to church leaders instead of Jesus for leadership

The majority of those who attend church services look to church leaders (individual parts of the Body of Christ) rather than Jesus (the Head of the Body) on how we should conduct our lives. Please read First Corinthians Chapter Twelve on this concept.


Jesus told His disciples that we have only One teacher and that is Himself in Matthew 23:8.  Jesus said,

"Do not call anyone ‘Rabbi’ for ONLY ONE IS YOUR TEACHER, THE CHRIST, and you are all brothers"

The Bible tells us to "FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS because He is the author and finisher of our faith".  The Bible does not tell us to fix our our eyes on the Pope, or the Pastor, or the Elder, or the Deacon, or the Bishop, or the Priest, or the Reverend, or the Missionary, or the Minister, or the Bible study teacher, not anybody other than Jesus Christ Almighty God.

God calls us to preach - not teach. Do you know the difference between preaching and teaching?

As you can see, there is only ONE AUTHORITY and only ONE TEACHER in the Body of Christ and that is the Head of His Body who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No part of the body has authority over another body part. Only the Human Brain has authority over all body parts and Jesus is the Brain of all of us as individual parts of His body. This factor should give us a better understanding of why looking to church leaders instead of Jesus is a major hindrance to our spiritual growth as the Body of Christ.

Looking to church leaders instead of Jesus is very dangerous because it SHORT CIRCUITS the power and teaching of the Holy Spirit.


I believe most Church leaders today purposely condition their members to look to them for spiritual guidance rather than pointing them to Jesus and His teachings on what it is to be a true follower of Jesus. Most of our Government leaders want to control those they are elected to serve. The same is true for Church Pastors because they want to control instead of serving those they are commanded to serve. I believe they do this because they put their own personal interests before the interests of those they are supposed to serve disobeying what is taught in Philippians 2:3-4. The Roman Catholic Church was guilty of this (and still is) as Martin Luther pointed out in his thesis against the Roman Catholic Church at the start of the Protestant Reformation. I wrote a term paper on Martin Luther in "Understanding Religious Man" class I took at Valencia Community College.

It was the corrupt Roman Catholic Church leadership that came up with the scheme to have the Pope be the supreme authority over their church members in order to control them rather than humbly serve them as God's Word instructs. This is when the man made institutionalized church organization instructed it's members to take their eyes off of Jesus for the first time in recorded history and was told to look to another man for direction on how we should conduct our lives. Who was that man?


It was the Pope!

It is very obvious that Popes of the past are not perfect, so, why would any man look to someone who is not perfect. Jesus never instructed anyone to look to any man other than HIM. We are now seeing the mainstream Protestant church practicing the same Satanic scheme to control rather than serve those who attend their churches. Now you know why Jesus and John the Baptist called the politicians who were also the religious leaders, Snakes and Broods of Vipers. Please note the fact that President Trump calls the politicians who hate him names as well - Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas, Crying Chuck, Sneaky Dianne, Pencil Neck Adam Shifty Schiff, Sleepy Joe Biden, Crazy Bernie, Nervous Nancy and so on. That being said, I suppose since Jesus called those who hate Him names then it would be okay for President Trump to do the same. Doesn't God instruct us in His word to be imitators of Christ?


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