Thirty Point thesis on church growth decline

Reasons for Church growth decline in America today

I write this thesis on church growth decline in the Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ Almighty, who's authority "TRUMPS" all others. I look to JESUS as my ultimate teacher and judge as He has made very clear in the Bible. I will answer to no other person on judgement day. God has put on my heart the need to address this thesis to the Elders and Pastors overseeing the church in our community and not to those who do not profess to be a part of the Christian faith. Please do not be offended by the harsh nature of my rebuke because it is not directed towards the curious observer who reads what is written on this website. One thing we can be sure of...

Jesus would be much more in our face than me when confronting the issues that contribute to church growth decline.

I was a Radioman in the Navy so I am sending out an SOS ... --- ... to warn professing Christians of impending doom if we don’t steer away from the giant ice berg that lies ahead. The consequences will be much worse than the sinking of the Titanic if we refuse to change course.

I KNOW, without any doubts in my mind, God has called me and hopefully many others to "drain the swamp" of the "Mainstream Protestant Church run by harlots today". This thesis is written to expose all the corruption and incompetence that exists in the Protestant church. We should know that Martin Luther did the same in his 95 thesis exposing the corruption within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in the sixteenth century. He was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church because of his 95 rebukes. I am not welcome in any of the Protestant Church's I have visited since my first divorce in 1995. Like the prophets Isaiah and John the Baptist...

"I am a Voice crying in the wilderness."

The following thesis is direct evidence of all the evil that has consumed the leadership of the Protestant church in the United States today. I don't think we can call our Country UNITED and ONE NATION UNDER GOD anymore. What do you think?

Hopefully this COVID -19 pandemic will WAKE US UP so we will start FIXING OUR EYES BACK ON JESUS instead of all the corrupt "snakes and broods of vipers” who run the show today in the Mainstream Church.

Jesus said, "You will KNOW them by their fruit".  In other words, it’s what we as Christians PRODUCE in life for the benefit of others. The fruit Jesus talks about is found on our employment application, right? Please do a fruit inspection by reading my About page and my resume before you read what God put on my heart to write on this website. I don't want you to prejudge what I have written without getting to KNOW me first.

There are two essential requirements involved in a fruit inspection...

1.  Judging the quality of the fruit (products & services) we produce. It is evaluated by appearance, nutritional value and taste. Read Genesis 3:6 as an example of this. This is the moral or ethical side of the equation which is explained in Galatians Chapter Five.

2.  Judging the quantity of the fruit (products & services) we produce. It is evaluated by the physical amount of fruit needed to supply the needs of our community. In other words, it is how well we supply the demand for the fruit needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This is called PRODUCTION in Business terms.

These two principles are subject to Supply and Demand as taught in Business School Economics. God will judge us on how ethical and productive we are in selling and delivering our fruits which are called products and services in today's business terminology.

Let me add that Jesus makes it very clear in the Bible that it is our motives or intentions He is most concerned about. He understands what King Solomon meant when he wrote...

"For as a man thinks in his heart so is he."

Wouldn't you want to make sure you properly vet each person you hire for a position with the company you may own? How do we vet a person for potential employment? We look at their resume, right? This includes verifying past employment, degree of education, checking their personal references, credit score and criminal background. I have vetted the fruit of many potential hires in my past. One thing I have learned in interviewing many potential hires is this truth...

The more transparent the person is with their personal thoughts and feelings, the more honest that person is likely to be. Do you agree? Have you noticed how transparent President Trump is? Don't you think you would want an honest person working for a business you may own?


Here are two things I have learned about being transparent with each other. There are two lies (deceptions) that hinder transparency…

1. Lies of commission.

2. Lies of omission.

We all KNOW lies of commission are guilty as charged, right? What about lies of omission, aren't they important as well? I have learned that people who purposely withhold truth (important factual information) that would lead to a better understanding of a particular issue are just as guilty as those who literally lie with their testimony. In other words, the people who hide their real thoughts and feelings are the snakes in the grass we need to be most concerned about when trouble comes. Do you agree?

Please read the content of a my resume with the objectivity (open mindedness) of Jesus rather than the subjectivity (closed mindedness) of a self-righteous hypocrite who has his or her head up their sanctimonious ass. Are you offended that I used colorful language to emphasize my point? You will be totally blind to the meaning of these spiritual truths if you have the mindset of a Pharisee or if you are offended by me using the metaphor "sanctimonious ass".  Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the ASS of an ASS, didn't He? Isn’t funny the Democratic Party’s mascot is an ASS? Only "snowflakes" and "pussies" are offended by colorful or controversial speech because they have never learned how to be comfortable in their own skin. You can most likely blame their mom for this mindset. This is especially true if a child is raised by a single mom or what they call a  “Helicopter Mom”. I have never heard of a father washing his child's mouth out with soap for cussing, have you?


Let me educate you on why people use cuss words when expressing an opinion that they have a strong conviction about. It’s very simple. We use cuss words as EXCLAMATION POINTS to drive home our point. I make this controversial comparison to show how absurd it is to put too much emphasis on the impact certain spoken words may have when it is our physical actions that really have a consequential impact on our lives. Do you remember the old saying, "Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but words will NEVER hurt me?" 

This is why our President uses cuss words to drive home his points. President Trump also uses colorful speech to gain free news media attention and to shock his enemies into showing him their real intentions. I do the same thing as you can see in my Thesis. I learned this mind-altering trick a long time ago. I learned this through all the poker games I played while out at sea on board ship in the Navy. What I learned is the best poker players were also the best trash talkers. The best poker players like to play with our head by saying something that blows people away. Do you know what I mean? Here is another mind-altering trick. Do you remember Lieutenant Columbo? He taught me playing dumb is another great way to get someone to reveal their poker hand. These are two very effective ways to get someone to become more transparent with you if you sense a lot of BS coming out of someones's mouth.  


If you are well read in Christian literature, you have heard of Max Lucado. He is spiritually blind to what our president is doing because he does not KNOW what it is to be shrewd as a snake like President Trump does. It is my bet that it is his wife who has caused him to have this negative opinion about our President. What do you think?

When we deal with “snakes” we have to be shrewder than they are. When playing mind games with these sinister snakes, I will put my money on PRESIDENT TRUMP winning these games every time. Both of my former wives have no idea of the importance of being shrewd as a snakes when we deal with snakes. They seem to think that it is a sin to be shrewd as a snake.


I have learned from much prayer, deep study of Scripture, an enormous amount of practical (hands on) experience plus many hours of psychotherapy that being too dogmatic in our Christian beliefs leads to hypocrisy and various anxiety disorders. Mental health experts know this is true. People who are obsessed with following the law or following groupthink do not understand what it is to be SET FREE from the law of sin and death. Does this make sense?

I never completed Seminary, therefore, never wrote a required thesis in order to graduate with a Master of Divinity degree. I never could have written the thesis you are about read at that time in my life. All you are about to read has taken me over thirty-five years to learn and assimilate in the production of this Thesis since leaving  South Western Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983.

I have tried to write about this complex issue where the average adult can understand the deep spiritual truths that are hidden from view from those who follow the narcissistic mindset that is so prevalent in those who control our government, news and social media sources, the artificial mainstream church, public education, Hollywood and Disney entertainment and who KNOWS what else?

I learned in a Sales & Marketing Class at UCF that when you write an ad, write it as if you are talking to an 8th grader. I understand now it's a 5th grader since learning this principle. This is done to reach the broadest spectrum of potential buyers (voters in Trump's case) as possible. This will give you an idea how much public education has dumbed down the average citizen to a fifth grade level since I learned this in college in the early 80's. Most people are not college grads, so their vocabulary is limited to begin with. A lot of people faulted President Trump because he did not sound as well educated or as smart as President Obama who graduated from the elite school of Harvard. I challenge you to find anyone who is better at Sales & Marketing than Donald Trump. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business one of the most prestigious business schools in America. Trump spent a third as much as Hillary on his campaign and he kicked her ass. This is not a misogynous statement considering the fact that Hillary wishes she was born with a penis. I am sure I will get a lot of laughs with this added perspective, agreed?


Hillary needed to be humiliated. She is the most conceited, arrogant and sanctimonious politician I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I take this back, maybe AOC will surpass her with an even more narcissistic mindset. Who's the better marketer of what they are selling, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

This is why the quality of private enterprise will always trump government work any day of the week. You can take that to the bank! Pretty soon, if the liberal elites have their way, we will have no money to take to the bank.


I left Seminary with one question on my mind...

Why is the church not growing?

God has answered my question after much time, practical experience, thought, prayer and extensive study and research needed to dig up the hidden answers to this spiritual mystery. It was mostly my practical experience that cemented these truths in my mind. I did not find these truths out just by reading a book, listening to the news or hearing what comes out of the mouth of a preacher, politician, college professor, journalist or any other man...  


I saw and experienced this up close and personal with my own five senses including God's gift of my sixth sense manifested by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. I personally testify that every word written in this thesis is true so help me Jesus. The answers are revealed in the following thesis...

Please click on underlined posted links in blue as my bibliography to support validity of each point. There are a lot of amusing, funny and thought provoking news articles and videos to keep you entertained as you read this thesis. There are no anonymous sources sited in my thesis unlike what the Fake News Media uses to put a political spin on their news stories. A college professor would give you an F if you use anonymous sources in a term paper or a thesis. Anyone who has written a term paper or thesis in college KNOWS this is true.

It is my prayer and hope that this thesis GO VIRAL throughout the "Bride and Body of Jesus Christ". It's what the "Church" needs to KNOW now.

I must warn you what you are about to read is very unorthodox by "Mainstream Church" standards. Every point is clearly backed up with the Word of God so it will leave no room for opposition. Let's fill up our Think Tank with thoughts that explain why the church is not growing in America today. Here are my thoughts on the reasons for church growth decline...


*As a's best to start with point one and read each point in sequence after that. There is a plot interwoven in this thesis. I don't want you to miss "seeing the big picture".

Point One  lack of humility in leadership

Point Two  corrupt leadership in the church

Point Three  demonic spirit of feminism

Point Four  divorce, broken homes & dysfunctional families

Point Five  legalism - the law is more important than love

Point Six  idealism - unrealistic aspirations distorts truth

Point Seven  politically correctness over rules Biblical correctness

Point Eight  judging those outside the church

Point Nine  lack of remorse, confession and repentance

Point Ten  self-righteousness leads to hypocrisy

Point Eleven  hypocrisy - the sin that angered Jesus the most

Point Twelve  lack of intimacy and transparency

Point Thirteen  lack of discipline within the church

Point Fourteen  lack of discipline in raising our children

Point Fifteen   deny the Power of the Holy Spirit

Point Sixteen  loss of our first love

Point Seventeen  perverted priorities and principles pollutes policy

Point Eighteen  too much scripted programs and not enough spontaneity

Point Nineteen  neglect of single adults

Point Twenty  lack understanding of addictions

Point Twenty-One  Elders not being appointed to oversee church operations

Point Twenty-Two  legal issues leaving the church

Point Twenty-Three  lack of forgiveness

Point Twenty-Four  authoritarian rule rather than member rule

Point Twenty-Five  man made church membership requirement

Point Twenty-Six  false gospels

Point Twenty-Seven  false prophets

Point Twenty-Eight  seminary training...good, bad or does it really matter?

Point Twenty-Nine  lack of one on one Biblical discipleship and accountability.

Point Thirty  lack of unity and what it is to be a TEAM PLAYER in the Body of Christ

Closing thoughts...